Livestock that eats well,
tastes good

The taste of the meat is directly related to the food the animal has eaten throughout its life. In Garemeat we know this and therefore we take great care of this aspect, in order to ensure total well-being for our cows, calves and oxen.

Our cattle are fattened with 100% natural products (fresh pastures, fodder, corn and barley). The Cattle feeds freely in the Galician meadows, outdoors and without suffering the slightest stress.

The result of that good life that we offer to our cattle is the incomparable delicacy of their meat: tender as butter, endowed with a deliciously intense flavor and high nutritional value (since, thanks to the Galician pastures, it is rich in beta carotene, essential vitamin for our eyes, immune system and growth). And it’s responsible for the marble / yellowish color of fat, an indicator of a natural diet.


Maximum meat care

At Garemeat we are aware that offering the best flavor without proper food safety is useless. That is why we apply the strictest procedures in the work of secondary meat treatment.

The rigorous compliance with food legislation and the constant incorporation of the latest technologies in the sector (sacrifice, refrigeration, transport, etc.) are essential for our products to reach the consumer in optimal conditions, thus guaranteeing their taste and health.

As important as the selection and feeding of cattle is the maturation of their meat. To obtain the best results, three factors must be taken care of:

Sufficient time
An adequate maturation process should last at least 14 days, in order to achieve a meat more tender, juicy and with more potent flavor.

Adequate and stable temperature
This will guarantee an optimal enzymatic process (neither too fast, nor too slow).

Achieving the appropriate level of environmental humidity and keeping it stable is key to having the microbial metabolism under control.


Red Meats from Galicia

Fruit of the tireless desire for perfectionism that characterizes us, in Garemeat we have created our flagship brand: “Red Meats from Galicia”, which offers a prestigious range of products designed to value a product as exquisite as native beef, veal and beef.

The starting point of our brand is veal, cow and ox meat from Galicia: a food that has earned the highest national and international recognition:

Its delicious flavor has earned it a place of honor at the table of the best restaurants in the world (such as Arzak, Berasategui or Gilles Goujon), having been highlighted by the main international media (The Guardian, The Telegram, Le Figaro or Le Monde) and by the most reputable gastronomic critics (like Mike Gibson, Kilian Fox or Jay Rayner). A resounding international success, everywhere.

With our brand “Red Meats from Galicia”, in Garemeat we have given a new twist to a product as acclaimed as Galician meat, taking it to its highest levels of perfection.

The characteristics of “Red Meats From Galicia” make it a perfect food to seduce our senses: its intense color and its smell of animal butter immediately awaken our appetite. A tender texture and a juicy deep flavor make its tasting a gastronomic pleasure difficult to forget.

Years of evolution and research have conferred to our cattle those properties so appreciated inside and outside Spain. Being raised in the middle of nature and fattened with fresh grass make them a true gourmet product.